(a) CSIR-UGC/NET -Superlong term batch:
  Course Duration-1 year
  Class days - All saturdays, sundays and public holidays (applicable in Kerala)
  Target group - Students who are doing their M.Sc programme and aspirants who are in job
(b) CSIR-UGC/NET - Long term batch
  Course duration - 6 months
  Week day batch - Monday to friday
  Week end batch - All saturdays, sundays and public holidays
(c) CSIR-UGC/NET Crash course
  Duration - 2 months
  Type of batch available - Week day batch (Monday - Friday)
(d) CSIR-UGC/NET Correspondence course
  Duration - 6 months
  Our material can be rated as the best study material available in the country for CSIR-UGC/NET LIFE SCIENCES. It includes materials for part A, B & C as per the new pattern. It is thoroughly revised and constantly updated. The material will be send to the student once in every fifteen days. The course will be completed 20 days before the exam. It consists of 12 booklets covering all the vital areas of syllabus. It includes detailed well illustrated theory notes written in simple and lucid style, analytical and experiment based questions and detailed answers. Hence it will be a sort of ‘Self-help’ book.

In addition each chapter will have MCQs and analytical questions which should be answered by the student and send to RESEARCH WORLD® for evaluation. The correct answers are send to the student in the next lot of material. Complete course will have (approximately) 2500 pages. Question banks in MCQs and Section C is a highlight of this course. Previous years questions* are included in the material.
  We offer class room coaching as well as correspondence course for GATE LIFE SCIENCES. The papers include Biochemistry, Microbiology, Botany, Zoology and compulsory paper Chemistry.
III. Post-Graduate Entrance Exams
  RESEARCH WORLD® offer both class room coaching and Correspondence course for all post-graduate entrance exams in LIFE SCIENCES including integrated Ph.D entrance exam conducted by Indian Institute of Science (IISc).
* - Based on memory of the candidates.
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